Ep 263: a bevy of beasts

Ep 263: a bevy of beasts

a bevy of beasts

About 451,000,000 years ago, there was a sudden increase in the number of different types of animals in the fossil record. The animals that came before didn’t stand a chance. The new kids had hard shells, eyes, jaws and teeth. Join us for a chat about the Cambrian period.

Here’s an article that links oxygen levels to the Cambrian and Cambrian explosion.

Possible links between extreme oxygen perturbations and the Cambrian radiation of animals

Here’s an article that shares theories assuming a cold start to the Cambrian.

Diversity of Life Snowballed When Ancient Earth Was Frozen Solid

Here’s an article that shares evidence supporting a very warm start to the Cambrian.

An early Cambrian greenhouse climate

Here’s a video that starts from the Cambrian and keeps going, all the way to the big die off: the Permian–Triassic extinction event. It’s going to take us many episodes to get that far.

From the Cambrian Explosion to the Great Dying

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