Ep 245: Logical, not biological

Ep 245: Logical, not biological

Logical, not biological

Evolution strategies, genetic algorithms, artificial neural networks—they’re all AI methods that were inspired by nature. But what about other methods that have nothing to do with the brain or natural selection, or anything of the sort. Today, we take a quick look at a few AI algorithms that are logical without imitating the biological.

Here are a couple videos on Naive Bayes.

5 Minutes With Ingo: Naïve Bayes

Text Categorization with Naive Bayes

Here’s an article explaining how a tree search works.

Sudokus and Schedules

Here’s an article on building a chess playing program.

A step-by-step guide to building a simple chess AI

Here are a couple of articles about expert systems, Brad’s favorite.

Expert Systems

Putting Expert Systems to Work

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